iWidgit Setup Guide

1. In the box


Charging Cable

USB Power Adapter

2. Charge your new iWidgit

Plug the power adapter into a 110 volt outlet, then connect the charging cable to the power adapter and your iWidgit.

This should only take one to two hours.

3. Turn on your iWidgit

Disconnect the charger.

Press the large, blue button on the front of your iWidgit.

In a few seconds, you should see the lights on the front of your iWidgit light up.

If the power light is green, the battery is low. Go back to step #2.

4. Put your iWidgit in Setup Mode

If the "mode" light is green, skip this step and go on to "Connect to your iWidgit using WiFi".

If the "mode" light is not green press the trigger button for one second (the "mode" light should flash), then release it. The "mode" light should now be green.

5. Connect to your iWidgit using WiFi

Using your computer or any network-enabled device (such as a smartphone), select "iWidgit" from the list of available WiFi networks.

If you aren't sure how to change your WiFi settings, these links may help:

[ Windows ] [ Mac ] [ Android ] [ iPhone ] [ Ubuntu ]

6. Use a browser to access the setup form

Open a browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer).

In the address bar, enter http://iwidgit and then press ENTER.

7. Complete the setup form

If you already have a iWidgit user account, please use the same email address associated with that account.

Click the "SAVE" button and wait a few seconds for your iWidgit to restart.

8. Check for a confirmation message

Check your inbox for a confirmation email from iWidgit. Be sure to check your spam folder.

If you purchased the Preferred or Ultimate plan, you should also receive a confirmation text. This may take a few minutes.

If you purchased the Ultimate plan, you should also receive a confirmation voice call within a few seconds.

9. Read the iWidgit User Guide